Ningbo Electric and Consumer Goods Imp.&Exp.Co.,Ltd.(NECG) is a professional enterprise engaged in foreign trade export and bulk commodity trade import.

Founded in 1988, our company has a mature enterprise development system. In more than 30 years of historical precipitation and accumulation, we have been deeply rooted and steadily developed. From a traditional foreign trade enterprise, we have gradually transformed into a comprehensive service enterprise for foreign trade. At the same time, we have expanded the operation of import and export products to 17 categories, laying a solid and profound foundation for the current and future good sustainable development and accumulation

Core Bussiness

Export Business

Export business is rich in categories, mainly including tourism supplies, hardware, Ttransportation goods, electrical Aappliances, etc.

Import Business

Bulk commodity import trading products mainly include yellow soybean, pork ,etc.

Domestic Trade

Domestic trading products mainly include fish meal, pig iron, nylon chips, etc.

Sustainable Development

Driven by the tenet of creating fair and sustainable value, we have gradually transformed from a traditional foreign trade enterprise into a diversified business foreign trade enterprise. At the same time, we have expanded the operation of import and export products to 17 categories.

After nearly 20 years of development, our company has established its reputation in the field of bulk commodity import trade.

Sustainable development is the core of business. We take the development of new business as the source power, support the sustainable development of enterprises, cater to the trend of the times, adapt to the changes of economic situation, adjust the development strategy in time, seize the opportunity instead of using the best to catch the fish, and do the original business well without self sealing.

“You are the company. The company loves all the people who work hard.”

· We ensure the well-being and sustainable development of our employees by building a modern and comfortable working environment.

· We know that we should adhere to the principle of people-oriented, stimulate individual potential, promote team spirit, and pursue the interaction and unity of employees and enterprise development goals.

· Committed to maintaining an equal and efficient people-oriented atmosphere is the rich inner part of corporate culture and the common belief and ideal of the whole enterprise.